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11am on Saturday 19th October

Elmbridge Liberal Democrats will be taking part - please come and lend your support. Meet at 11am at the Duke of Wellington Memorial Statue, Hyde Park Corner, opposite Apsley House, London W2 2UH. Placards will be available but bring any placards, posters and banners you already have. Let's make our voices heard! Bring lots of supplies and plenty of water, comfy shoes are also a necessity!

Train times below if you'd like to travel with some fellow Lib Dems!

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The last time we marched in March 2019


I need your help and support

The only way I can win and become your MP is through the grass roots support of people like you. In addition to the many volunteers who have reached out to me since I took on this role back in October 2018 who I thank for the generous donation of ‘their time’, I also need financial support so that I can give my campaign further momentum.

If you can make a donation however small (or large) my team and I will be very grateful. We are currently taking PayPal donations. When you click on the button below the link will take you through to the ‘Elmbridge Lib Dems’ page.

Even a few hours can make a massive difference. If you have some spare time to help us spread the word across Esher & Walton and unseat Dominic Raab as MP then I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you

The Liberal Democrat Conference 2019

Monica Harding, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Esher and Walton makes her debut on the main stage prior to the Leader's speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference 2019. Here telling conference why she believes she can win in Esher and Walton.



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Hi I’m Monica Harding

Your Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Esher & Walton

Let’s build a future that our children will thank us for

My name is Monica, and I’m a mum to four children. When I’m not busy with them, I follow my passion; helping to secure better futures for everyone. That’s why I’m the Vice Chair of Governors at a local primary school in Thames Ditton. And that’s why I have led organisations in the public, private and charity sectors, in the UK and internationally.

I believe in fairness, compassion and that politicians should be honest and act with integrity.

Unfortunately, the whole brexit mess has just served to highlight that our futures are far from secure, that this country isn’t so fair and that our politicians are far from honest. I’d love to change all of this for Esher and Walton. We can start by campaigning for the things that really matter to us, like a say in our future, planning for better education, health provision and transport services for all our local residents.

Let’s build a future that our children will thank us for.

Why I am standing as the parliamentary candidate for Esher & Walton


Why I am standing as the parliamentary candidate for Esher & Walton. Together we can turn Esher & Walton yellow.


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This is what transparency looks like

Lack of clarity from Dominic Raab about why proroguing Parliament is in the interests of Esher and Walton constituents.

Click here to read our exchange todate.

My Personal Journey

I run a busy home in Thames Ditton where I’ve lived for over a decade with my husband Jon and my four kids, Maddie, Sebbie, Charlie and Tom, all whom are still making their way through the trials and tribulations of school life.

You might think that, with all of this to contend with, my hands are pretty full. And you’d be right. But as a mum and as a local resident, I can’t stand quietly by whilst all the things I passionately believe in are being denigrated by our national politicians and, indeed, our constituency member of parliament.

I care about about our children’s futures and the future of this great country. I want the opportunities the country gave me for my own children. I want them to be proud of an open, outward looking, engaged and energetic UK, leading the world with a strong economy and sensible and rational leadership. A UK which invests in our children and opens doors for them. A UK which looks after its own – the elderly and the vulnerable. A UK where we do the right thing. Because that’s what the UK stands for.

I believe all of these are at stake because of political infighting and the personal ambition of our politicians. I believe there should be an alternative for voters who want reasoned, calm and moderate politics, which protects ours and our children’s futures.

I am committed to bringing honesty, integrity and authenticity into politics and want to offer an alternative to the politics of division, distrust and personal ambition. I am proud to stand up for liberal values and to work for the common good.

I believe that a few people with passion and drive can change a lot. I always have. That’s why I am the Vice Chair of Governors at a local primary school in Thames Ditton. And that’s why I have worked in the public, private and third sectors as a CEO and Director, in the UK and internationally.

And change is what I aim to deliver in Esher and Walton.

My professional journey

Monica is a management consultant and has held posts as CEO and Director – she has worked in the public, private and third sectors in the UK and Internationally. She has worked for PA Consultancy as an Associate Consultant, was CEO of the of the Industry and Parliament Trust, CEO of Refugees International Japan and Director of Communications for the British Council in Japan and has worked for the British Council in China, France and the UK. Monica is the Vice Chair of Governors at a local state primary school in Thames Ditton and has held positions on the boards of several international charities.

By all means please check out my profile on LinkedIn or connect with me there.


A message from me about the EU Election results



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You Say We Can Win

I’m Monica Harding and people like you are backing me to win

Dear Monica,

Thank you for your message.

I wish my country to remain as a member of the European Union.

I shall be voting for you as the Lib Dem candidate at the next General Election as I believe the Lib Dem Party is the only one that has adopted a consistent, coherent and unified stand on the issue of our membership of the European Union.

The present government's approach to negotiations with the EU since the referendum has I think, been disingenuous and at times even mendacious. I would like to see it replaced by a government that places the national interest rather than party political interests, at the centre of its programme. The sitting Conservative Member of Parliament for this constituency is certainly not, in my view, acting in the best interests of the country: I would like to see him replaced by someone who will so act.

Kind regards and best wishes,

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